Hi I'm Amanda

I’m quirky, fun, loving, and love life that sums me up in a nutshell.

I have had many careers in my life but none that I have been so passionate about as my painting.I started painting when I reached that lovely age when our body starts to change . After a Breast Cancer diagnosis I found painting was the best medicine . I immersed myself in paints and colour and created another world for myself whilst I went through rigorous treatment. You will be pleased to know I am now in remission . All my paintings have a story and I hope you enjoy the journey as much as me . My highlight as an artist came last year when Artlink International exhibited my painting The Bookworm and I am pleased to announce they are exhibiting my latest painting ‘post card‘ this year again in Miami 2017 .

I have had a really busy year and now have a collection of not only limited editions of my work but you can now enjoy them in your home on your person or anywhere you wish to be .

I hope you enjoy entering Amanda’s world and that you get as much pleasure from my work as I do

A fun loving quirky girl who loves life and lives each day to its fullest! I have worn many hats during my multifaceted career. I was a sales representative, a junior, an executive and a CEO (Chief of everything). None of these roles inspired in me the same passion that I derive when I paint.

I started painting at that tender age a woman reaches when her body starts to drastically change. Around the same time, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and I found that painting was very therapeutic and it became  a medicine for my soul. I was able to immerse myself in the colour of the paints, and the imaginary characters that I was creating on the canvas, enabling me to reach another world, as I went through rigorous treatment. Thankfully, I am now in remission.

Every one of my painting tells a story. Each time I dip the brush into the paint and start working the canvass I embark on a colourful and exciting journey. I hope my work draws you into these stories and adds light and colour to your day.

In December of 2016, I was invited by Artlink International a renowned Florida Gallery to exhibit my painting The Bookworm during the Art Miami/Art Basel event. I am delighted to announce that they will be exhibiting my latest painting Postcard at this year’s Miami event.

2017 has been a very busy year from me. I am continuing to evolve my work and I have been experimenting different themes and techniques. I have created this website to showcase my work. You can purchase a painting or a limited edition from the collection. A new extension to my work is the Everyday Designs category. Check out what is available here (link).

My Art is my world. I create my world in my essence, encapsulating love, laughter, friendship and colour. My wish is that my work speaks to you!