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Let's Talk

Amanda Turofsky


Wall Preview

Please use this feature to see how the print looks in the space you will hang it. Follow the instructions to move the print backwards to place it on the wall. As this is an early stage technology, we don’t advise using it for scale judgement.

Wall Preview

Whose photographing who? Whats the story? Four scenes on the canvass.

The photographer what is it she is trying to snap? What has she seen that has so captured her imagination.

What has happened to the girl in the rain? How can she possibly want to just sit there and not take the offer an umbrella?

Why is the village so colourful? What secrets lay behind those closed doors?

And what about the people? Lets Talk about them. There is the  Lady with the huge eyes and her man friend intently listening to the scandal of the day! The Lady with her back to us .Is that her suitor, the strange man with the glasses or is he just a voyeur?

The story is here on the canvass, what do you think, what do you see, what will we find? 

Let's Talk!


 This art piece is an Edition.