• Are you being framed?
  • Are you being framed?
  • Are you being framed?
  • Are you being framed?

Are you being framed?

Amanda Turofsky


Wall Preview

Please use this feature to see how the print looks in the space you will hang it. Follow the instructions to move the print backwards to place it on the wall. As this is an early stage technology, we don’t advise using it for scale judgement.

Wall Preview

The world of Fashion.

I always dreamed of being a famous fashion designer. I spend hours flicking through fashion magazines, one of my all time favorites is Vogue.

I never grew tall enough or had the figure to model all the wonderful clothes and styles that I wanted to wear. I have a passion for colours, fabrics, movement and style

So I decided to create on canvas my own fashion show.  I felt that the main character had to look quirky and original. The models hair had to be styled and outrageous. I didn't want to create an every day look.

I imagined the models preening themselves, instead of looking at a mirror they look through their own individual frames as they turn on a conveyor belt so everyone in the audience can get a glimpse of all the clothes.

Let the Fashion Show begin!


This art piece is an Edition.