The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show

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Printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Pearl

Wow, what an experience! How beautiful did everyone look? Every person on the catwalk was on a journey, some people had just finished, others were just beginning and some would have their challenges ahead of them. Every person was so perfectly unique except for one thing in common; Breast Cancer. Whilst many women at any given time can be actively fighting Breast Cancer it's important that women like myself show the world that having breasts indefinitely defines you as a woman. 

Each one of us is a different size and shape but we all have the same goal to stand and show the world that we are only human. We have all shed our tears but it's important that we carry on for the sake of our families. Our dreams need to be nurtured so that we may inspire others to uphold the same positive mindset, if anything so that we can soar above the rest. So as we step down from centre stage, we know life carries on but in that moment we discover something we never knew we had; our inner strength is what carries us off stage to prepare us as a new journey begins.